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Wealth & Worth Within was founded with the mission to empower entrepreneurs to take control of their finances and become the CFO of their company and their life. We are dedicated to impart financial knowledge in order to harvest the potential from within to properly manage money and achieve positive financial results.


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We know that finding the right financial advice for your business is a choice not to be taken lightly. That is why we offer a free Q&A call to discuss your needs, so you can decide if we are the right fit for you.


Photo: Carla Titus

Finance expert with over ten years of corporate financial planning, analysis, strategy, and startup CFO experience. She has applied that expertise to businesses, helping them grow by creating simple yet effective systems to improve cash flow management and bottom line results.

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Let’s welcome to the team our new Money Coach Laura!


Photo: Laura Coleman

Laura Coleman is an Accredited Financial Counselor with a Bachelor's in Consumer and Family Science, a wife, and a mom to three beautiful, adopted children. She has spent the last 19 years in the financial industry, beginning in the mortgage industry and then moving on to financial education and financial counseling for our Military Service Members. She helps couples learn how to communicate better and resolve conflicts over money by teaching them to live their financial lives with intention.



  • ClientJoy Interim CFO

  • TiE Oregon Resident Finance Expert

  • Decision Quality Certified from Standford University

  • Agile and Design Thinking

  • Program/Project Management

  • Corporate Finance Planning/Analysis, PnL Management and Strategic Experience (Hardware/Software Technology and Supply Chain)

  • Corporate HR Experience

  • Financial Coach Academy Graduate

  • Treasurer for Non-profit BOD

  • Bachelor in Business Finance

  • Advisory Cloud Consultant

Advisory Cloud

Carla has been masterful in changing my mindset as a business owner from “finances are a drudge” to understanding the applications and benefits of financial planning in my business. She helped me create a routine of budgeting, measuring and monitoring my business finances, without feeling the huge resistance I had for doing these activities in the past. When I would be overwhelmed by my current cash flow or income-generating activities, Carla has always been there to encourage and acknowledge my accomplishments. She uplifts me with her high energy and enthusiasm for what she does and somehow gets me to feel more positive about the efforts I make in my business, even when I don’t see them immediately.
— Lyn Cikara, CEO of Lyn Cikara Leadership Development
“What a find! Carla quickly assessed the needs of our complex initiative and facilitated the development of a pro forma that is instrumental for our ability to attract investors and partners. I recommend her without reservation.”
— Susan Bladholm, Friend of Frog Ferry CEO
“Carla is our resident finance expert for both the TiE XL Entrepreneur Boot Camp and the TiE Young Entrepreneurs Program (TYE). She provides invaluable knowledge to the participants who always walk away feeling empowered by their newly acquire finance acumen. She covers all the basic financial statements and goes into a more comprehensive deep-dive on topics like pricing and forecasting. The feedback from her class has been very positive and she continues to improve her class by sharing new stories based on her real-life experiences. She is a valuable addition to the team!”
— TiE Oregon - Kari Naone, Excutive Director